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What Makes a Honda Special: Annie's Story

There's a lot we understand about the lineup of new Honda models here at DCH Honda of Temecula but one aspect - one huge aspect - that we're not privy to is the initial design of a vehicle. When a vehicle is being made, countless people are involved making sure the vehicle looks and feels and sounds exactly how they want it to and we'd like to hear the story of one of those…

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Honda Fit: Capable of Just about Anything

You want space for your luggage? Enough seats for the whole family? A comfortable interior for said family to laugh, sleep, and chat for hours on end? Technologies that will entertain, inform, and enhance your driving experience? If so, you're most certainly talking about the Honda Fit.

Spacious cabin, excellent fuel economy, peppy performance, modern style, and sealed with safety features, the Honda Fit continues to be an automotive favorite among Temecula, CA drivers…

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#Startsomething Thrilling with the 2014 Honda Accord

At DCH Honda of Temecula you'll find a great staff that is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help get you into the new Honda of your dreams. It might seem like what we do is nearly perfect, but to bring awesome customer service we work super hard behind the scenes to get everything right.

Hey, that's not too different from this video that shows what it took to make the commercial for the Honda Accord LX come to life!

There are several ways to shoot car commercials. Sometimes a car is set on a flat bad, but in…

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Prepare thyself for the 2015 Honda Fit

We don't like to play favorites here at DCH Honda of Temecula. Seeing that we have nothing but love for all the models on our lineup, it just wouldn't feel right to pick and choose. Not only that, but since our favorite automaker keeps one-upping themselves with each new car that joins the ranks of our lineup, it wouldn't exactly be fair, either.

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The 2014 Honda CR-V: the Ideal Vehicle for all of Your Summer Adventures

This summer, why not treat the family to a vehicle that will make your adventures exciting and memorable? We think you'll find this is easy to do once you take a look at the 2014 Honda CR-V. Not only is this SUV more stylish than ever, but it also provides a great variety of technology to enjoy.

From its standard Bluetooth to its rearview camera, you'll be good to go with all of...

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Honda Gives Safety Two #ThumbsUp

Though the video that we've shared above can undoubtedly put a damper on your day, it's important. As you probably know already, one of the growing concerns amongst drivers is the hazardous texting and driving trend. In order to raise awareness of the dangers of this seemingly simple act, Honda is running the #ThumbsUp campaign.

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Honda Smart Home Dreams of a Greener Future

Paying the energy bill can be a real pain when it comes to heating and cooling your house in those months of extreme temperatures. How can we make it better? Well folks, our favorite Japanese automaker has heard your cries for help and is dreaming of a greener future with the Honda Smart Home. Making clever use of architecture, the interior stays shaded in the summer and sunny in the winter. Take a look at…

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The Honda Accord Sedan has a lot to Love

What kinds of cool features do you look for when buying a new car? We here at our Temecula, CA really love the tech functions in the all-new 2014 Honda Accord sedan. With the LX edition, you get a stunning range of amazing systems that will make your driving experience so much more enjoyable. Check out this quick commercial that shows you just a few of the cool features.

We appreciate how many of the…

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Clean and Easy with These Simple Car Hacks

Getting the most out of your car can mean a lot of things, from optimal gas mileage to utilizing your truck space as efficiently as possible. Today, we mean it as a way of keeping your vehicle clean and organized as easily as possible. When you've got a messy car it can seem like an insurmountable task to clean it out. However, with these easy car hacks, you'll never have to worry about…

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Here's How to Replace Your Honda Wiper Blades

The number one rule of driving is keeping your eyes on the road at all times, which is why it is crucial to keep your line of sight through the windshield clean and clear.

Having capable wiper blades is a part of the above golden rule, as without a crystal line of sight you will not be able to focus on the road ahead.

Here at DCH Honda of Temecula we have an extensive inventory...

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