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The Honda HR-V has plenty to offer

The Honda HR-V is the new kid on the block but based on its premium offerings, you may think differently. Its demeanor has left quite the impression on the subcompact SUV segment thus far, and it?s only the beginning. Finally available here at DCH Honda of Temecula, we couldn't be more excited to introduce the greater Temecula region to its superior offerings.

It may be difficult to get everything just the way you…

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The 2015 Honda Odyssey: Clean-Up in Row Three

The new 2015 Honda Odyssey is a large minivan, inside and out. With three rows of spacious, comfortable and safe seating for everybody and the ability to create more space for cargo when you need it, this Honda ride is a great choice for the whole family. Press play on the video below that shows another great reason to choose the new Odyssey over any other minivan, then make your way to our Temecula, CA…

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Honda Lights up the Lamp Not Once, Not Twice but Three Times at DCH Honda Temecula

This year's NHL playoffs are in full swing, pinning teams from the East and West against each other in a full on fight for the legendary Stanley Cup. Not to be outdone by the gleam of the cup though; Honda has added a few new star players to its already award winning lineup, effectively scoring an automotive hat trick. See which Hondas were named as Stanley Cup worthy in the video below:

While these…

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Graduates Rejoice as Honda Makes Car Shopping Easier

If you're fresh out of college and looking to begin your career, you probably have your sights set on a new ride to replace the old clunker you inherited from your parents. While you've probably had plenty of ideas about your dream car, you also - hopefully - realize that being pragmatic about your first big investment is a smart choice. Press play on the video below to find out how you can save more…

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Evertyhing we ever wanted: the all-new Honda Civic

If we seem a bit bleary-eyed today, it's not because it's Friday. It's because we haven't slept since Wednesday when the all-new Honda Civic debuted at the New York Auto Show. Take a look at this video and you won't be able to get any shut-eye for the next few nights, either.

Incredible, isn't it? Guy Melville-Brown, the leader of the U.S. design team for this model, is…

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2015 Honda Odyssey is the Perfect Minivan for Families

If we're being completely honest then we know that you didn't daydream about one day driving a minivan when you were in high school chemistry class.

However, life comes at you fast and now you need a minivan that can keep up with your family's busy schedule in the San Diego area.

If that's the case then the only choice for you is the 2015 Honda Odyssey. The minivan is engineered…

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Honda just made parallel parking a little easier

Parallel parking is hard.

You think everything is going great, and then thud, you hit the curb. Or worse, the car behind you! Oops.

Ask anybody, and they'll tell you the same story. Fitting into a tight space on a busy street, while feeling pressured by traffic behind you is a nightmare!

Honda to the rescue! The new Honda lineup has the solution to make parking parallel just a little bit easier: a rearview…

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The Honda CRV is the SUV that treats you right at DCH Honda of Temecula

When was the last time you felt your vehicle really treated you right? If it's not the last time you sat behind the wheel, that concerns us over here at DCH Honda of Temecula. It's 2015- shouldn't you be driving a vehicle that really treated you right?

We don?t find this sort of behavior out of the ordinary; we see it all the time when our customers walk through our new…

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Adding Another Award Winner to the Honda Family

There are way too many awards and accolades when it comes to the cars you'll find here at our Temecula, CA Honda dealership, so we won't waste time going over all of them. But we do want to make special notice of one of the most prestigious awards in the auto industry that the new 2015 Honda CR-V recently won. Press play to find out what makes this SUV the 2015 Motor Trend…

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Santa Turns to Honda for a New Sleigh

Once upon a time, Santa was taking his beloved sleigh for a test run, through the trails he's ridden for years and years with his reindeer and Mrs. Claus, when suddenly, the sleigh stopped. After decades of trekking across the globe, Santa's sleigh has seen its last day. But what's Santa to do? Plenty of good girls and boys on the nice list are waiting for their presents. So, Santa visits a…

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