Rear-Wheel Drive vs. Front-Wheel Drive: What Makes Them Different?

A vehicle's engine comes with a transmission system, which is either offered in front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive differ in several ways, but the primary difference is how energy is supplied to the wheels. To learn the difference between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive, read further.

A vehicle that comes with front-wheel drive has all the engine components housed in the front of the vehicle, so the front wheels provide power to the vehicle through pull. In contrast, a vehicle with rear-wheel drive has power transferred to the rear wheels through the drive shaft, which results in the vehicle being pushed by the rear wheels. Other difference include price (front-wheel drive is cheaper), acceleration, and traction. Rear-wheel drive vehicles perform better on off-road terrain, but front-wheel drive vehicles handle better in adverse weather conditions.

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