Does Your Car Have Trouble Starting?

Going out to your vehicle and finding that it doesn't start can be a big inconvenience when you have places to go. Most people in this situation assume that the problem lies with the battery. The issue, however, may lie with the starter and can be avoided if you stay on the lookout for signs that your starter is failing.

There are a number of signs that you should look out for when determining if your starter is failing. The first is a grinding noise when cranking the engine. This is caused by worn gears that are failing to engage. Another sign to keep an eye out for is an oil leak. Due to its location, starters are subject to being soaked by oil and other fluids when they leak, which shortens its life.

If you want to discover other warning signs to be aware of or if your starter needs to be serviced, then come see us at our convenient Honda service facility.

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