Do You Use a Clay Bar for Detailing Cars?

Clay bars work wonders for any car if you want to protect against chemicals and corrosive dust that can damage your car's paint. It also protects against corrosive rust that can start to eat away at the structure of your vehicle too. Clay bar treatments are typically applied to vehicles during detailing, and while you may think that waxing is all you need, clay bar treatments can be really beneficial.

Some ways that you can use clay bars to protect your car include protection against metal dust, brake dust, road debris, rust, and pollutants. Many vehicles have to face these hazards every day on the roads, but you can make your car shine just by getting this special treatment with your next detailing service.

Want to get the clay bar treatment for your car? You only need to do it a few times per year. Stop by DCH Honda of Temecula for more auto maintenance advice.



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