How Tire Tread and Pressure Affect Your Car's Performance

Have you noticed a dip in your vehicle's fuel efficiency lately? Do you feel as though you're not getting adequate traction on the road when you speed up or slow down? Then it's time to check the air pressure level and tread quality of your vehicle's four tires.

If your tires are filled with too much air or not enough air, based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommended air pressure found on the doorjamb sticker or your operations manual, your safety on the road can be compromised. Not only will you experience less traction on the roadways, you will also notice your fuel efficiency slipping.

A Lincoln head penny can help you simply check if your tire tread has worn out. Slip the penny head side down into the tread. If the head is completely exposed, call DCH Honda of Temecula for a service appointment. Use a tire gauge regularly to check tire air pressure.



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