What are Some of Your Brake Pad Choices?

Your braking system is responsible for bringing your vehicle to a rest at a moment's notice. As such, each and every component of this system needs to be in the best possible shape. Few brake network parts are more central to stopping than the brake pads. Brake pads come in several varieties, and common choices include organic, ceramic, and metallic pads.

Types of Brake Pads Include:

  • Organic pads meld durable fibers to produce materials of considerable strength. Organic pads tend to wear evenly and are easy on most kinds of brake rotors.
  • Ceramic pads are often a mix of metal filaments and ceramic materials. This combination produces pads that are temperature-resistant and capable of conducting heat away from your rotors.
  • Metallic pads include resins and metal fibers. Known for their grip, metallic pads often see use on racing vehicles.

Regardless of which kinds of pads you use, they all eventually require inspections, repair, and maintenance. At our Honda service destination in Temecula, CA, our certified and experienced brake technicians are glad to provide you with all three. For more information and a no-obligation visit, drop by DCH Honda of Temecula today.

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