Is it Time to Upgrade Your Suspension?

It may seem hard to believe, but that feeling of riding on air in a nice, new car is actually due to a heavy duty piece of steel. Conventional suspension systems use heavy duty steel springs and leafs to absorb energy from the roadway and keep the passengers riding in comfort. If you are unhappy with the comfort of your car's suspension, consider upgrading your suspension at DCH Honda of Temecula today.

The roadways are full of hazards, from tiny bumps and rocks to pot holes and other large obstructions your vehicle has to drive over everyday. The steel shocks in your vehicle's suspension flex and compress when they encounter these bumps in the road and catch the energy before it has a chance to impact you.

Nobody wants to feel every bump or hole on their drive to work, and more importantly, a poorly working suspension can cause your vehicle to handle poorly and operate dangerously. Make sure your suspension is operating properly by bringing it to our Honda service station in Temecula, CA for a check up today.

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