Learn About Tailgating Essentials From Our Honda Dealership

Now that you have taken your brand new pickup truck home from DCH Honda of Temecula, you should make the most of your vehicle and head out for a fun weekend of tailgating. You might be getting ready for football season in a couple of months or you might want to spend the day at the beach with your friends. Regardless of the event, let's look at some of the tailgating essentials you should have on hand.

  • Invest in a large cooler that you can fill with ice and lots of beverages and snacks.
  • If you have a small, hibachi-style grill, you can bring along some hot dogs and buns for a picnic lunch.
  • Have paper plates on hand along with napkins, cups and garbage bags. This makes for a really easy cleanup when the day is done.
  • Keep a package of baby wipes in your vehicle for easy cleanup of hands and other items.

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