Alignments - What Causes Misalignments

Alignments are very important for your car, not just for a better ride but also to add life to your tires. If you’ve just purchased new tires or are noticing signs that may indicate a misalignment, stop at DCH Honda of Temecula and talk to our trained service technicians.

Regardless of how well we take care of our vehicle, eventually things wear out. Some situations can also cause misalignments, such as:

  • Parts are worn out due to wear and tear. If components near the tires, such as ball joints or tie rod ends are bad, they can cause misalignments as well.
  • Heavy impact or sudden jarring caused by hitting something like a pothole or bumping a curb
  • Car is involved in an auto accident
  • Vehicle’s height was modified without modifying suspension to match

If you’re uncertain as to if your vehicle is misaligned, stop at our Honda service shop and have us check it out.



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