Discover How to Test Your Car's Battery

Testing the battery in your car is easy if you have the right tools, and the most important is the voltmeter. Here is the right way to test your car battery, as explained by the Honda service professionals right here at DCH Honda of Temecula!

Before you can get an accurate reading, the lights and the ignition must be off. Open the hood and take a close look at each battery terminal. If you see corrosion, use a wire brush to get down to metal. Take your voltmeter, place the red end, or positive clamp, on the positive battery terminal. The negative end of the voltmeter will be black, and you should attach that end to the battery negative terminal.

The meter should read somewhere above 12.4 if the car battery is in good shape. Under 12.2 is bad, and you should have the battery further tested. If you are unsure about the testing results, visit our dealership in Temecula, CA so our team can properly test the car battery for you.

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