When to Repair Your Brake Pedals

While it may seem like a minor issue that you can put off for some time, any issue that pertains to your brake pedal should be addressed in a timely manner. Keep in mind, an issue with your brake pedal could be more involved and actually affect your entire braking system. This is what you use to stay safe while on the road, so if you think something is going on, give us here at Honda of Temecula a call today so we can bring you and your vehicle in and see what is going on.

Some common signs that your brake pedal is in need of repair can include:

  • A shaky brake pedal that feels loose when you are driving
  • Odd sounds, like squeals and screeches, when your brake pedal is in use
  • Slower response times for your brake pedal and brakes overall

Overly sensitive pedals can be an issue as well. If you suspect that it's time for a brake pedal replacement or repair, give our service professionals a call.


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