Your Vehicle's Alternator: What is it Used for?

Your vehicle comes equipped with a starting/charging system. There are three primary components that make up the starting/charging system that are the battery, starter, and alternator. At DCH Honda of Temecula, we would like to keep you informed about how to keep your vehicle in optimal shape, which is why we have included some content about your vehicle's alternator below.

You can think of an alternator like a generator. It works to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is on. In addition, it also keeps the electrical components working, which include the windshield wipers and headlights. There are signs to look for that will let you know if your alternator needs service that may include instruments and gauges not working, dim lighting, and a smell of burning rubber coming from the engine.

Be sure to stop by DCH Honda of Temecula if you need to have your vehicle's alternator inspected.



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