Prepping for Back to School with Car Maintenance

With the school year about to start, it's time to take care of your vehicle to head back to college. If there are any warning lights on, these should be checked out and any routine maintenance that needs to be done should be scheduled.

Have your tire tread checked for safety and invest in new tires as needed. If you don't need new tires, have your existing ones rotated. Pay attention to the interior of your car, and clean it out if it has been awhile. To get ready for school, get yourself organized and get the trash out of your car.

Look in your trunk and make sure your spare tire is inflated. Find your tire jack, and get a flashlight, batteries, and jumper cables. You want to be able to change a flat tire in an emergency. Bring your car to DCH Honda of Temecula for any of your back to school service needs.



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