The Effect of Extreme Temperatures on Car Batteries

An advantage to understanding how various systems in your car work is to save you time and money on repairs. Temperature extremes of cold or heat can adversely affect the way your battery functions. Recognizing the symptoms can help you to avoid becoming stranded unexpectedly.

Your battery's ability to decreases by 20 to 50 percent in cold temperatures. Any battery that is beginning to age can fail to start at all after sitting in freezing temperatures overnight. Your motor's oil can also thicken in cold temperatures, making it more difficult for the battery to coax engine parts into functioning.

Warm temperatures can enhance your battery's performance, but this can come at the cost of aging it more quickly than it would otherwise. Keep the electrolytes topped up to extend your battery's life, as they tend to evaporate in high temperatures. Be sure to visit us at DCH Honda of Temecula if you have any concerns regarding your vehicle's battery.



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