Many motorists use jumper cables when a battery stops supplying power. This type of breakdown usually happens on a driveway and in areas that are away from home. The easiest way to prevent a sudden breakdown is by testing your battery. If you detect a low-voltage problem early, you can take proper steps to recharge your battery before it fails to power key automotive components.

You'll need to test your battery twice a year and following risky situations. For example, after a deep freeze, you should test your battery's voltage. A test is also beneficial whenever electrical systems in your car run accidentally for a long length of time. To conduct a test, attach a multimeter to your battery and wait for the reading. Your battery is in great shape if the reading is 26 volts or higher.

Whenever you don't have time to run tests, you can let a professional service your battery. DCH Honda of Temecula has a seasoned team that specializes in automobile maintenance. If you work with us, you'll have no problems maintaining your battery.



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