At DCH Honda of Temecula, we like to do more for our clients and other drivers than your run-of-the-mill everyday dealership. As such, we enjoy helping our customers to find ways to maximize their vehicle use. One good and important way to do this is to ensure that vehicles are properly set up after seasonal changes. Thus, being well acquainted with your vehicle owner manuals is a key to properly maintain vehicles on seasonal schedules.

Vehicle owner manuals contain lots of useful information concerning automotive systems. They also give prospective vehicle owners information about how, when, and sometimes even where to have their vehicles serviced.

Your owner manual can also give you information about proper part and fluid service schedules. For example, a good manual should tell owners exactly how many miles they should go before changing vital fluids such as oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Explore your car's manual and come by DCH Honda of Temecula for recommended seasonal service.



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