At DCH Honda of Temecula, our associates value our consumers, which is why we share a goal to help them stay informed about their vehicles. Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets that serve an important purpose. Gaskets bind at least two surfaces together to prevent fluids and gases from leaking. Most gaskets are made out of multi-level steel. There are many types of gaskets, such as head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets.

Although your vehicle's gaskets are long-lasting, they will eventually wear and will need to be changed. If you fail to change a deteriorating gasket, then it could lead to serious damage.

You can keep your gaskets in good shape by making certain that your engine oil and coolant levels are at the recommended levels, and you should use a manufacturer-recommended coolant and engine oil. Gurgling, bubbling, and foaming around the radiator could mean that a gasket is failing, and a white substance around the oil is another sign of a failing gasket.



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