Having an improperly installed car seat in your car makes your child more vulnerable to injury in the case of an accident. For good measure, let's go over some safety tips to help keep your child safer while riding in the car.

Read Safety Seat Instructions

Reading the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the car seat is necessary for using it correctly. Never install the car seat in the front passenger seat of the car.

Use Anchors, Lock Seat Belt

If there are no existing anchors in the car, use the seat belt to install the car seat; make sure to lock the seat belt after installing.


Examine your work. Shake the seat back and forth to ensure its security.

Put Your Child Comfortably Inside

Place your infant in the seat and make sure they are comfortable, with all straps that lay flat and snug. You can test drive a family-friendly car at DCH Honda of Temecula.



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