Have you checked your tires lately? Even a cursory look is better than nothing. After all, not caring for your tires can lead to increased blowout risks. The failure to replace a dry-rotted tire would be an egregious oversight. The same is true of ignoring "minor" sidewall cracks or slow leaks. Bulges and blisters on a tire shouldn't be overlooked, either.

Keep in mind, a blowout means you rapidly lose tire pressure after the tire outright explodes. If an old and worn tire hits a speed bump too fast, it could blowout. Imagine if the same thing happened on the highway at 55 mph. You don't want to drive around Temecula on bad tires nor do you want to experience a blowout.

The potential for a blowout increases when tires have improper amounts of air. Hopefully, your checking with a tire gauge.

At DCH Honda of Temecula, we want to help with tire and other maintenance issues. Call our service department to request inspections and maintenance.


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