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DCH Honda of Temecula takes the stress out of auto financing. From advice on whether to buy or lease to finding the best rates available, our finance team will work with you every step of the way to craft finance terms that work for your lifestyle and budget.

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Should You Lease Your New DCH Honda of Temecula Vehicle?

Leasing is a great choice for shoppers who like to drive a new vehicle and want to keep their payments low. Once your lease term is up, you can trade up for a newer model, buy it outright, or simply return it and walk away when the lease it over.

Benefits of Financing

Customers who intend to hold onto their vehicle for a while should consider a loan. Our flexible financing plans can get you into a new or used vehicle with terms that will reduce your overall costs while you build equity in your vehicle.

Flexible Credit Options

DCH Honda of Temecula can help you get into the new or used vehicle you deserve. With monthly specials, factory offers, and competitive rates, we go the extra mile to give you the options that work for your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This important choice comes down to your monthly budget and how you expect to use your vehicle. Leasing typically comes with a lower monthly payment than a traditional loan, but there are restrictions on mileage and customization. On the other hand, a loan may be associated with a higher payment but you will be building equity and will spend less over the life of the vehicle.
We will work with you to craft the deal that works for your budget. Most loan terms will fall between 48-72 months, with longer financing terms resulting in lower payments.
We’ve worked with countless customers with all kinds of credit to help them discover their financing options.
In most cases, we can offer financing with no down payment. We can also roll taxes, registration, and fees into the financing deal if that works best for you.

Our Finance Center Can Help You Get Into Your New Car Through an Auto Loan or Lease Program

Looking for a new car, but balking at price tags in the tens of thousands of dollars? We understand. A new car is a substantial investment that can seem inaccessible to many. It's hard to imagine paying for one in a lump sum.

That's where our finance center steps in. The staff at DCH Honda of Temecula commit their time and resources daily to finding financial solutions for new car buyers. We know each of our customers has a unique financial background and individual financing needs. We'll work with you to find a payment fit for any budget or credit situation

How Can I Afford a New Vehicle?

For many, the major challenge of affording a new car is the total cost. Paying the full sum of a new car's sticker price is simply not possible for most. Luckily, we have a couple of solutions to make it easier. Auto loans and lease programs can make new cars more affordable by breaking up the cost into monthly payments. This allows customers to pay off their new vehicles bit by bit over time, rather than forcing them to pay all at once. This often allows car buyers to access higher end models, as well.

Should I Lease or Loan a Car?

While the result is similar (paying monthly), loans and leases have different functions.

The major difference is in ownership. With a loan, you own the vehicle. You use a loan to pay for it, then make payments toward the sum of the loan, plus any accrued interest. Our staff works with a variety of lenders to help find a rate and monthly payment that fits your budget constraints. You should look into a loan if you want long-term ownership of your vehicle. With a loan, you can drive as many miles as you want and make any modifications you would like.

A lease is essentially a long-term rental. You don't own the car, but you get to use it for the allotted lease time. Lease payments are typically lower than loan payments because you are only paying for the car's depreciation over the lease period, not for the car's entire value. But there are some restrictions. Leases typically include a mileage limit, and you can't make modifications.

If you are looking for a new car around, Temecula, Escondido, Hemet, Murrieta, or Perris, consider a loan or lease through the finance center at DCH Honda of Temecula. We'll make sure to find a finance solution that works for you.

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